Sunday, January 17, 2010

How to do the Hand-to-Hand Spread Card Trick

How to do the Hand-to-Hand Spread Card Trick

How to do the Hand-to-Hand Spread Card Trick -- powered by

Video Transcript

" Hi Malik the magic guy for Now one of the basic things that you are going to have to do a lot if you are having cards selected is spreading the cards between your hands. Now you can use the fan just like I've showed you, but what a lot of people would do is spread the cards like this to have a card selected. Now there is two ways to do it. You can either spread the cards like this so they keep moving. So they are kind of going by like a conveyor belt for someone to reach in and take one. The way that you want to do that is underneath I'm feeding my cards with my thumb up here and then underneath I'm using my first and second finger to kind of walk across the cards this way. So from the top it looks like this, and that could kind of give you some motion, and it is a nice way to have them select a card. Now if you want a more static style spread, what is going to happen—I'm going to grab with my opposing thumb here and I'm going to pull across like this. As i pull across, I'm going to extend the fingers on my hands like this. So what happens is I got this situation. Now in the middle the cards are actually holding themselves in place. So it is actually tough to hold it up like this, but you can see... so basically it is just kind of trying to get a shot underneath here the fingers are extended out, holding up the cards just like that. And that is a nice way, if a hand was going to reach in and take a card just like that, or if you were going to have a hand reach across and take one from a moving spread of cards just like that. That is two ways to spread card in between your hands."

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