Saturday, January 2, 2010

How to Force a Card Trick - Part 1

How to Force a Card Trick - Part 1

How to Force a Card Trick - Part 1 -- powered by

Video Transcript

"Hi Tim Mannix ,LA magician, back again teaching you magic tricks, techniques, and tips on behalf of Expert Village. I want to teach you because I really think it is important how to force a card.

If you are going to be a magician one of the primary things you are going to want to do is magic tricks with cards and people kind of expect you at least on some level to be able to do a couple of card tricks so best thing you can do is give somebody else the deck. They will shuffle the deck.

Now watch this. Most people will shuffle the deck like this. You are sitting over there where I am. You have handed the deck across the table to them. Just watch them shuffle the deck. They will shuffle much like this.

Then they will square the deck back up. Are you getting a good glimpse of the card right there? That is the 3 of Diamonds. Okay. They don’t know that you have seen that card but they want to make good and sure that card is shuffled in. Most people will shuffle the same way so the same card keeps ending up on the bottom.

It doesn’t matter what the card is. Let’s say we want to make sure the person selects the 8 of Hearts. After they have shuffled the deck good and plenty they will place it back in front of you. Ask them if they will please divide this deck into three piles and let them do it however you want.

So they might do like so, like that, may take a little bit off of the top and that is what they do. Now notice it doesn’t matter how they do it, the bottom card always remain the same. They might shuffle it around every which way but as long as you know which pile the 8 of Hearts is in.

That is the card we are going to force. Okay. Now once they have done that all you do is take that pile the one with the force card and put it (we call it the criss cross forest because you are going to put that piece criss cross to the other. They you are going to take the third pile and put it just like so.

So it is in lined with the first. So as you can see that it is why we would call it the criss cross forest. Remember the pile with the card that we want to force is in the middle. Now very important. You will learn this later as you develop your magic technique and skill. "

Tim Mannix

Tim Mannix is one L.A.'s busiest variety arts entertainers specializing in family entertainment and corporate events. Originally from Oklahoma City, his interest in magic began at the age of eight when he received Marshall Brodien's TV Magic Set for Christmas. Tim spent much of his youth practicing and studying the ancient art of magic, later becoming a demonstrator at a local magic shop, then working a stint as an onstage assistant to local magician, Marlowe the Magician. A member of The Society of American Magicians, International Magicians Society and past President of Hollywood Ring #21 of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, Tim's experience includes everything from adult performances with his stand-up comedy magic act to tickling the funny bones of birthday party children. Tim Mannix resides in Hollywood, California. To find out more about Tim, visit his website at or