Friday, January 8, 2010

Make a Fish Appear from Nowhere

Make a Fish Appear from Nowhere

Make a Fish Appear from Nowhere : Magic Water Trick -- powered by

Video Transcript

"Hi, my name is Tim Mannix and I am a professional magician here in Los Angeles, California and I am going to be teaching you some magic tricks and showing you some tricks and generally talking about what to look if you are interested in doing magic tricks, performing magic tricks or just watching magic tricks.

I am going to show you some of my very favorite magic tricks because that is actually my first tip. Okay. If you are interested in doing a trick, do something you like because it will read, show through to the audience. Okay? Here is one of the things I do. It is kind of one of my signature pieces and I hope you will enjoy it. I ask the audience if they know what that is.

Most people will say, yeah, yeah, its water. Some kids jump to conclusion and they will say oh, it is magic water. It’s not magic water yet until you guys out there throw the magic dust. Throw it at the screen; whatever you are watching this on goes inside of the water and it is inside there now. I filled it full of tap water which here it makes it water from California. Now, I don’t know about your state but here that makes it almost drinkable.

Looks like a 50/50 chance that it is drinkable. You just have to watch and look and you did reach out into the air and grab something and throw it in there. I am growing to grab one out of there, put it right into my fist. I have to listen and make sure that you really did get one. That’s great. Yeah. Always double check your math. We had 0, you guys reached out in the air and you got 1, theatrically of course but 0 + 1 is 1 but always no matter it is simple or difficult. Always double check. Here it is.

0+1 is really really 1, whoa, it really really is 1 and there you can see that is called a Beta Fish and it is still alive. Yeah, a Siamese fighting fish they call that and some people say that is just not a Beta fish that is magic. Of course it is a great trick. That is why I do it and I love it and the audience reaction is always a Wow. When you are doing magic again like I said previously always do something that you like.

It always reads through. Okay, it’s much like an actor on stage. A magician is honestly an actor playing the part of a magician cause there is no such thing as a magician. So you really need to sell all that you are doing magic when you are up here and part of it is enjoying it. If you are having a good time your audience will have a good time too.

I would like to get right to the point because the real magic is when the fish appears so you can build it up, play with the audience, you can see if they know a magic word. The magic word I always teach especially kids is presto bismol. It makes them laugh and the parents get a kick out of it. So everybody says presto bismol.

Generally the birthday child or maybe all of the kids go ahead and throw the magic toward me, I catch it, and I pour out the fish and wham bam, thank you mam. There is the Beta fish and I pour into a cup, give it to the guest or honor and everybody is happy."