Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Magic Knot Trick Using Rope or Ribbon : Free Magic Trick

Magic Knot Trick Using Rope or Ribbon : Free Magic Trick

Magic Knot Trick Using Rope or Ribbon : Free Magic Trick -- powered by eHow.com

Video Transcript

"Hi, Tim Mannix, LA’s favorite magician depends on who you ask. But anyway, we are going to learn a couple more party tricks. These are fun to do, easy to do and simple. You will love it. This one is called a betcha, a lala, where is the betcha.

I got a betcha rope. Hang on just a second. Got to step off stage and get the betcha rope. There it is. This is great. You can do this with a rope or silk ribbon or anything during a holiday party, Christmas party a strand of ribbon.

Bet somebody I betcha I can tie a knot in the middle of this without letting go of either end. Betcha 10 bucks. Get the 10 bucks. That is the hardest part of it. Okay. Have them lay it on the table.

I cannot begin to tell you how long people have tried this for an hour. Now remember the rules are you can grab it anyway you want. I don’t care how you grab it but once you grab it you cannot release your grip on it. Can’t use your fingers. Some how, some way you got to tie a knot.

Okay. It is impossible unless you know the secret. So remind people they will start tying the knot, they will do it the same old way but you cannot do it that way. Can’t use your fingers, can’t release your grip.

That is the most important thing, don’t release your grip. Remind them, stand over them, and then let them smolder over it for an hour and half. They will finally come back to you; I can’t do this, what is this, hey, because they want to win their 10 bucks back. Fine I will do it.

I will do what I said in order to win the 10 bucks. Remember the rules. Doesn’t matter how I grab it that is the first rule. Once I grab it, I did not tell you that one, you must not let go. So, can’t let go, maintain the grip, grab it anyway you want it.

Here is the secret like most good tricks the secret is simple. That is the secret. When you fold your arms don’t cross them. A lot of people make the mistake of doing this number.

Don’t cross them, fold them. Don’t think about it. Just fold them. When you naturally fold your arms one hand ends up on the top and one hand ends up on the bottom.

All you do right in front of them is lean down and grab one end of the rope with a hand underneath, grab the other end of the rope with a hand on top. Remember I said that it does not matter how I grab it but I will not let go of it.

Once I start doing my thing, all you do is pull your arms apart and a knot ties right in the middle. Just like that. All you do grab the 10 bucks say see you later sucker. "