Thursday, January 7, 2010

Fantastic Five Magic Trick

Fantastic Five Magic Trick

Fantastic Five Magic Trick : Free Magic Trick -- powered by

Video Transcript

"Hi, my name is Tim Mannix and I am a professional magician and you guys are going to learn right now a card trick because half the fun of doing magic is learning new tricks. So this is a trick I do all of the time. I don’t do it because some people say that is a simple trick.

Some of the simplest tricks are the very best. Simplicity seems to play really well. This is also contained in my idol book called Eight Simple Card Tricks you can do. I sell it on a website called Birthday Magic Tricks so you could get it there if you wanted to but it is actually called Fantastic Five.

It goes like this. You have someone select a card. I have already taken the deck out of the box but theoretically the deck is inside there. You pull it out. You have someone from the audience select a card. Ooh look there is a person now. They will actually step up and remove a card.

Here comes the hand, the magic hand. Okay, they remove that card. They are going to go ahead and show it to you the camera. I will turn around here that way I don’t actually see the card because this is actually what would occur during the magic show. Now I am turning back around.

Don’t let the magician see the card. All I do is half the deck like that. I take the top half and put it on the table. Now the spectator puts their card right on the top there. That way. Perfect. This is called completing the cut. The rest of the deck goes right on top.

Now the chosen card the spectator has selected is sandwiched in the middle of the deck. Works really great. Do something magical. Okay? I liked to crimp the deck like this. Beautiful. What that does this is a classic in magic. It flips the chosen card the opposite way. It is really an effective trick. Watch this. You can thumb through these if you are fancy shmancy.

You can do the whole table thing. I will do the table spread in the minute. You will see how that works. What happens though, look at that. The only card facing the opposite way is the spectator’s card. Is that it? That’s not it! Shocking! Oh, that’s right, every once in a while these crop up. That is called a magical indicator card.

In some circles it is called a mick. Never mind that. Okay? Not their card but note the number. It is 5 this time. If that is really a magical indicator card you count down 5 cards. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and if it is magical indicator card the 5th card when you turn that over that should be the spectator’s card. Now sometimes people are not impressed.

These people are called inexpressible. All you do is you turn over the 4 middle cards and those will be, yep, the 4 aces. Fantastic Five. Thanks. "

Secret of the Fantastic Five Magic Trick

Secret of the Fantastic Five Magic Trick : Magic Tricks Revealed -- powered by

Video Transcript

"Hi, Tim Mannix on behalf of Expert Village. You just saw Fantastic Five. Now you are going to learn how it is done. Here is the setup alright? You are going to pick a 5. It does not matter what 5. I like to use a red 5 and then you are going to remove the 4 aces from the deck.

There is only going to be one card that is turned over. Alright, that is going to be the 5. It is going to go on the bottom of the card deck. Okay, it is upside down facing up. Everything else facing down and the 4 aces are also on the bottom. They are not facing down. They are facing the same way as the rest of the deck.

So I will spread it out and you can see there is the entire deck and there is the 5 face up right on top of the 4 aces there on the bottom. I will set this up when people go into the other room or something and I will lay it on the table. Especially if it is their deck and you have been playing poker or something, it is perfect. Mind if I use your deck?

Yaya Previously set up. Don’t shuffle it because no one questions it. We say in the magic world don’t run if you are not being chased. See remember you are the magician. You are in control. Please select a card. Someone will step forward. Look there is one now. He will actually come forward and take a card, pick a card, any card. He takes the card.

Always, always, always have that person that selects the card show it to other people. I can’t tell you how many times I have done a card trick and the person will say. I forgot the card. Here is what you do. Come back and make sure you don’t catch a glimpse of the card.

All you do. Remember your aces are on the bottom. You cut the deck in half. Put the top half on the table. Indicate to them. They will put the chosen card right there and you just casually mention I am going to complete the cut. That is the technical expert phrase. I am going to complete the cut. Now do something magical. Remember you are a magician. Remember your card will be the only card that turns opposite. It will be face up.

All the other cards will be faced down. Be as serious as you can and just casually go through the cards. People will generally jump up on you like a duck on a June bug. That’s not it. So this is when I really try to sell it like isn’t that great. Isn’t that incredible. What a great card trick. Then they reluctantly say that’s not my card.

What do you mean this is not your card. Oh, that is a magical indicator card. Let me note the number. They don’t know this card always comes up. It’s always a 5. Okay. Well I will note the number. I count down that many. Now count down. These are your aces. 1,2,3,4,5 because unbeknownst to them you have placed the aces on top of their chosen card.

When you turn the card over it really will be the chosen card and as a kicker that is another professional magician’s term. A kicker is one more thing on a end of a trick. When you turn the 4 middle cards over, the 4 aces will be revealed. And that is Fantastic 5. Hope you enjoy it. "