Monday, January 4, 2010

How to Perform the Floating Cup Trick : Free Magic Trick

How to Perform the Floating Cup Trick : Free Magic Trick

How to Perform the Floating Cup Trick : Free Magic Trick -- powered by

Video Transcript

"Hi, Tim Mannix, Professional Magician here at Expert Village. I wanted to show you one more trick because I like and it is fun. Don’t you really want to learn one more trick? Here it is. This is great. You could especially do this at a party because party cups are so plentiful. So set this up just so and again just like any good magician, you are going to want to sell the trick.

Okay. Really make them believe I am going to do a magic trick. Just watch this and really sell it. All you are going to do is hold onto it and concentrate. As you begin to move your hands away, they will be able to see that this cup oh wow, literally began to float. Sometimes if you don’t hang onto it, it will float away on you. You have to be careful.

The trick honestly is put it on your thumb. It is great. If you sell it and you watch your angles. All I am doing showing you what is happening behind here is I you don’t have to put your whole thumb in there just the tip. This has a nice bite on it. So I kind of feel like a bird like you do a shadow like that. Keep them together.

Once it is on the base you can kind of move these away. I don’t know why this sells so well but it just does. People want to believe that that cup is floating. Oh my god and then at one point let it almost get away. That is how you sell it. Studied pantomime a long time ago but play with it in a mirror and really put your focus right on that cup.

If you believe oh it’s really I’m kind of over reacting oh it’s really floating. Wow Part of the trick to is reveal that because it gets a great laugh. It does. Have fun with this and always always enjoy the magic you are doing and they will enjoy you too. Thanks. "