Sunday, January 10, 2010

Floating Ball Magic Trick

Floating Ball Magic Trick

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Video Transcript

"Hi, Tim Mannix, professional magician teaching you a party trick. This is easy. You will like it. It works for some people but not for others but it is great for a party if you just want to laugh. It is the incredible, the astounding, and mysterious floating ball. Some people don’t like this. If it really does not work for you just use it for soup.

It works either way. Use it for soup that is it. You like it? I would tell you the secret but there is not much of a secret but if you are going to do this come walk into the living room from the dining room or from another room because you got to tuck that ladle under and truth is you got to bend it a little because most ladles are kind of a different angle.

If you can do that or bring your own ladle. I mean if you are that, whatever, or if they don’t know about it, bend their silverware. That is all you are doing tucking under like that, putting it right on your wrist right there. It looks great from the front. You have to watch your angles but if you move your bottom hand a little tiny bit because it is pivoting right on the base of your hand there.

It looks kind of great. From the side you can see it would not work but people kind of get silent and then when you deliver the tag line and say if that does not work for you, just use it for soup. They will laugh or stare at you and wonder what you are doing at the party but whatever."