Saturday, January 9, 2010

Simple Magic Trick for Parties

Simple Magic Trick for Parties

Simple Magic Trick for Parties -- powered by

Video Transcript

"Hi, Tim Mannix, Professional Magician, back again to teach you a magic trick on behalf of Expert Village, because I always teach a trick. Because people love learning tricks like you are now. Something I tell them is, well I won’t even tell you the name.

The name would give it away but you will love this. Okay? Really, really awesome. Oh, oh, hang on just a second. Oh, hang on, ooh wow. Ooh, a neck thing. Ooh, let me clear this up. Be right back. Better. Thanks for your concern though. All right actually the secret.

Now this will send people to the moon. They will roll over laughing. If you do this to your mom in the kitchen profile she will scream her guts out. It is kind of the affect we are looking for some times. Watch this. All you’re doing is putting a cup under your arm.

Now not any plastic cup but a cup that will bust into pieces. Very dramatic. This one people love this one. Slays them. You can even do it to another person. All you are going to get is one of these cups. By the way at the nicer parties all they have is glass so bring your own cup.

Much better. Al right? You are hanging out, do it for folks that have not seen it before, get someone in on the gag with you. They are in cohorts. As they walk into the door you are going to greet them. Back a big deal. Hey Bob, how are you. Good to see you. People say what is it with that guy. Okay.

You are going to do this profile they don’t know that that cup is under your arm and you can even say to Bob, if Bob was here, I would just put my hands around his head and when you twist his head, it really looks like you destroyed his neck. I have kids do this to their mom. They go mom, my neck hurts, wah, she screams, sends her to the moon. It’s great. You will love it. Do it."