Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Magic Cup Trick

Magic Cup Trick

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Video Transcript

"Hi, back again. Tim Mannix, LA’s premier magician. We are going to learn the three cup challenge. You want to do this with plastic because if one of them falls then everybody is still happy. Okay? Watch me carefully.

They will always say of course I will. You got to do what I do. Of course I will. Great. I am going to turn two cups at a time three times. Do exactly as I do. You will be able to do this too. Here is how it works. I do it underhanded. Two, two and two and that is how the cups should end up.

Mouth up as if you were pouring something in each one of them. That is how they should end up. Now you ask the person do you think you can do that. Of course they will say absolutely. And you say please try. And even if they get the sequence right. Here is what they do. Watch this. Two, two and two. Wait a minute. They are supposed to end of mouth up. That is kind of weird.

Now I recommend you don’t do this too often because they will catch on. They are really bright people and there are a lot of them will catch on about the third time. Sometimes the second. What? You want to know the secret? I am telling you right now. Here it is. Okay.

The middle glass determines where the cups end up. So if the middle glass is down, the cups will end up mouth down. If the middle glass is turned up all three cups provided you are doing the sequence correctly will all end up mouth up. So when you start the magician the cups are like this. Okay. Now remember you are going to grab the middle one and one of the ends. It doesn’t matter which one. You have to go back to those same two.

Then you are going to turn the two ends. Then you are going to go back to the middle one and the two you turned in the beginning. That is the sequence. When the setup is like this and you that sequence, the cups end of mouth up. But here what happens. Here is the trick. Then you say to the spectator. It’s your turn. You want to try? All you do is great, go ahead.

Please. I just set this up completely opposite. Remember what I said this one determines where they will end up. They don’t pay attention to how the setup is they just know it is opposite and it is kind of an optical illusion. Okay.

Even if they remember the sequence because the cups were set up incorrectly there’s will end up mouth down. You either do it one time or maybe twice when you come back. Again, I’m going to try. Look what I do.

See so I have set it up right for me. It will end up great as it should. Here is where people are generally playing close attention so be careful. You can generally get away with it a second time but it is a fun trick and great party trick and just good time fillers. So have a good time with it."